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hs201.jpg (10480 bytes) HS201 Onyx Black And White Cameo Of A Warrior (Exquisite Carving) $3,500.00

hs202.jpg (8665 bytes) HS202 Onyx Black And White Cameo Of A Lady     (Exquisite Carving) $4,200.00

hs203.jpg (12893 bytes) HS203 Shell Cameo Of Lady (Lady Has Three Diamonds) $2,500.00

hs204.jpg (9291 bytes) HS204 Angel Skin Coral Cameo (High Relief Carving) $795.00

hs205.jpg (9769 bytes) HS205 Sardonyx Shell Cameo $495.00

hs206.jpg (10336 bytes) HS206 Lava Carved Boat Scene (Unusual Detail) $1,500.00

hs207.jpg (7473 bytes) HS207 Shell Cameo Of Girl (High Relief Carving) $295.00


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