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hs302.jpg (11074 bytes) HS302 14k Victorian Bracelet With Turquoise And Seed Pearls (As Is) $185.00

hs303.jpg (6190 bytes) HS303 14k  Gold Jade Bracelet (For Small Wrist) $285.00

hs304.jpg (11067 bytes) HS304 14k Gold Cuff Bracelet (For Small Wrist) 195.00

hs305.jpg (15759 bytes) HS305 Victorian Rolled Gold Plate Bracelet With Black Enameling $155.00

hs306.jpg (9162 bytes) HS306 Gold Filled Bracelet With Three Amethyst Stones $225.00

hs307.jpg (12639 bytes) HS307 14k Gold  Jade Bracelet And Enameling $495.00

hs308.jpg (21504 bytes) HS308 14k Gold Bangle Bracelet Has Sapphires, Rubies, Opals, And Green Enameled Leaves Sold
hs309.jpg (14526 bytes) HS309 14k Gold Heart Bracelet $75.00

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