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Gold Rings

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hs701.jpg (12518 bytes) HS701 Man's 10k Gold Ring With 1/4ct Diamond Set In White Gold Head $285.00

hs702.jpg (18427 bytes) HS702 Man's 10k Gold Nugget Ring With Three Diamonds $395.00

hs703.jpg (21950 bytes) HS703 Ladies Yellow Gold Ring, Petra Dura Setting $495.00

hs704.jpg (10477 bytes) HS704 White Gold Ladies Ring, 10k With Pinkish Purple Stone And 2 Diamond Simulants $125.00

hs705.jpg (16810 bytes) HS705 Ladies Opal Ring In 10k Gold, 7 Opals Arranged In A Cluster $265.00

hs706.jpg (11795 bytes) HS706 Ladies 14k Yellow Gold Ring With Green And Blue Enameling And A Cluster Of 9 Diamonds $175.00

hs708.jpg (12697 bytes) HS708 Man's 14k Yellow Gold Band With 5 Diamonds $245.00

hs709.jpg (20807 bytes) HS709 Man's Hardstone Cameo Ring In 10k Yellow Gold $385.00

hs710.jpg (20103 bytes) HS710 Natural Star Sapphire In Yellow Gold And Diamonds $1,500.00

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