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Silver Rings

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hb901.jpg (7519 bytes) HB901 Sterling Ring With 6 Natural Rubies $95.00

hb902.jpg (16150 bytes) HB902 Sterling Spoon Ring    
hb903.jpg (10023 bytes) HB903 Sterling Ring, Front Can Be Engraved $25.00

hb904.jpg (13011 bytes) HB904 Victorian Sterling Signet Ring With Gold Initial "P" Mounted On Onyx $45.00

hb905.jpg (10953 bytes) HB905 Sterling Dome Ring With Floral Motif $35.00

hb906.jpg (26435 bytes) HB906 Scrimshaw Owl On Ivory Ring $45.00

hb907.jpg (11719 bytes) HB907 Sterling And Gold Band $25.00

hb908.jpg (12344 bytes) HB908 Sterling With Small Marquis Cut Amethyst And 2 Simulant Diamonds On Either Side SOLD
hb909.jpg (18820 bytes) HB909 "Poison" Heart Shaped Ring in Sterling $75.00

hb910.jpg (12503 bytes) HB910 Sterling Band $18.00

hb911.jpg (10373 bytes) HB911 Sterling Ring With Peridot And Citrine Stones $20.00

hb912.jpg (24598 bytes) HB912 Sterling Modern Design Ring $25.00

hb913.jpg (7316 bytes) HB913 Sterling Bow Ring $25.00

hb914.jpg (16072 bytes) HB914 Sterling And Scrimshaw Of Owl In Ivory Ring $45.00

hb915.jpg (11613 bytes) HB915 Sterling And Jade Adjustable Ring $35.00

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