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hb2000.jpg (6430 bytes) HB2000 Multicolored Rhinestone Pin $18.00

hb2001.jpg (16334 bytes) HB2001 Beautiful Pin Is Green Glass And Green Rhinestones $45.00

hb2002.jpg (7957 bytes) HB2002 Rose And Pink Rhinestone Pin $45.00

hb2003.jpg (10478 bytes) HB2003 Gold - Tone Metal And Clear Rhinestone $30.00

hb2004.jpg (7962 bytes) HB2004 Blue - Green Rhinestone Pin $35.00

hb2005.jpg (11546 bytes) HB2005 Rhinestone Bow Pin $27.00

hb2006.jpg (11311 bytes) HB2006 Light Blue, Reflective Rhinestone Pin $35.00

hb2007.jpg (24345 bytes) HB2007 Rhinestone Necklace, Has Flower Motif In Pendant Of Necklace $45.00

hb2008.jpg (11271 bytes) HB2008 Clear Rhinestone Pin $45.00

hb2009.jpg (11483 bytes) HB2009 Glass And Rhinestone Clip On Earrings, Creamy Pink Color $35.00

hb2010.jpg (8138 bytes) HB2010 Dress Clip, White Metal With Beautiful Cabachon "Stones" $45.00


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