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Painted Porcelains

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hps1501.jpg (16405 bytes) HPS1501 Painting On Porcelain Of Lady With Blue Hat $225.00

hps1502.jpg (19976 bytes) HPS1502 Unique Painting On Porcelain Of Two Children $495.00

hps1503.jpg (10368 bytes) HPS1503 Painted Porcelain Of Girl In Clown (?) Outfit $295.00

hps1504.jpg (16653 bytes) HPS1504 Painted Porcelain Of Vagabond $495.00

hps1505.jpg (15591 bytes) HPS1505 Full Figure Painted Porcelain Of Girl With Bird $275.00

hps1506.jpg (5967 bytes) HPS1506 Painted Porcelain Of Lady With Purple Coat $295.00

hps1507.jpg (10313 bytes) HPS1507 Unique Painted Porcelain Of Girl Holding Letter $495.00

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