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hb6001.jpg (14570 bytes) HB6001 Brass Pin With Horse Shoe Motif $48.00

hb6002.jpg (15604 bytes) HB6002 Mosaic Broach, Goldstone Background, Rolled Gold Plate Bezel Mounting $175.00

hb6003.jpg (8439 bytes) HB6003 14k Yellow Gold Bar Pin With Cultured Pearls $275.00

hb6004.jpg (2894 bytes) HB6004 Small Bar Pin, Also Referred To As A Baby Pin Or Beauty Pin $25.00

hb6005.jpg (7345 bytes) HB6005 Small Filagree Collar Pin Of White Metal With Center Clear Glass Stone $45.00

hb6006.jpg (5329 bytes) HB6006 Small Sterling And Enamel Pin $35.00

hb6007.jpg (4834 bytes) HB6007 Small 10k Cresant Motif Pin With 2 Cutulred Pearls And 1 Small Tourmaline $75.00

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