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hs15501.jpg (5745 bytes) HS15501 18k Yellow Gold Pendant With Citrine $95.00

hs15502.jpg (27713 bytes) HS15502 10k Yellow Gold Rudy And Aquamarine Pendant $185.00

hs15503.jpg (9283 bytes) HS15503 14k Yellow Gold Topaz Pendant $95.00

hs15504.jpg (34708 bytes) HS15504 Silver Filigree Pendant $65.00

hs15505.jpg (6433 bytes) HS15505 Panda Coin Marked 0.999 1/2oz In 14k Rope Bezel Holder $125.00

hs15506.jpg (5003 bytes) HS15506 Banded Agate(Carnelian) In Sterling Bezel Mount Pendant $28.00

hs15507.jpg (10784 bytes) HS15507 Victorian Locket With Red Stones And Granulation $135.00

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