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hbm101.jpg (67516 bytes) HBM101 Brown - Gold Beaded Purse By Milgrim (1950) SOLD
hbm102.jpg (33482 bytes) HBM102 Whitting Davis, Gold Mesh Purse SOLD
hbm103.jpg (26005 bytes) HBM103 Silk Hand Made Purse, Wonderful Embroidary $65.00

hbm104.jpg (20987 bytes) HBM104 Neddle point And Silk Eye Glasses Case SOLD
hbm105.jpg (28820 bytes) HBM105 Leather Gloves Embroidery In Silk, Made In France $35.00

hbm106.jpg (13729 bytes) HBM106 Victorian Belt Buckle $35.00

hbm107.jpg (14074 bytes) HBM107 Victorian, French Steel - Cut Belt Buckle $45.00

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