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Black Jewelry

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bb100.jpg (6458 bytes) BB100 18k Yellow Gold Fertility Goddess Charm $75.00


bb101.jpg (5342 bytes) BB101 18k Yellow Gold Nugget Charm From The Gold Coast Of Africa $125.00


bb102.jpg (5566 bytes) BB102 18k Yellow Gold And Turquoise Charm From Moracco $145.00


bb103.jpg (3959 bytes) BB103 18k Yellow Gold African Mask Charm $75.00


bb104.jpg (2920 bytes) BB104 18k Yellow Gold African Wedding Ring Charm $85.00


bb105.jpg (3514 bytes) BB105 18k Yellow Gold African Pitcher Charm With Green Stone $75.00


bb106.jpg (2452 bytes) BB106 18k Yellow Gold And Enamel African Elephant Charm $55.00


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